Why You Need to Do What Your Doctor Says

If Your Child has Asthma 

Once the doctor says your child has asthma, be sure your child follows the doctor’s orders and takes the medicine as directed. Asthma medicine is used to help keep your child’s asthma under control. If your child is feeling well, do not stop giving the medicines. Always talk to the doctor before changing  any treatment.

A child with Medicaid can get any medicines or treatments that control asthma, as long as the doctor says the child needs medicines and treatments. 

If Your Child has ADHD

Children being treated for ADHD should do what their doctor says and take the medicine as directed. Make sure your child visits the doctor after taking the medicine for 30 days. You will also need to take your child back to the doctor at least 3 other times during the first 10 months of treatment. Be sure to refill the medicines on time so that your child doesn’t miss any doses.

If Your Child has been in the Hospital 

If your child has been in the hospital and treated for a mental health issue, make sure you follow up with your child’s doctor within 7 to 30 days after your child leaves the hospital. You need to let the doctor know about the hospital visit so the doctor can work with you and your child on a treatment plan. 

When Your Child Leaves the Hospital 

When your child leaves the hospital, you need to follow up with your child’s doctor. Tell the doctor what your child was treated for while in the hospital. Your doctor will create a plan that will help your child get better and keep them from having to go back to the hospital.