Things To Know

The early years are the most important years in your child’s life. And there is so much to learn as a parent. We’ve made it easier by sharing some helpful parenting tips in the “Things to Know” section.
Lead Screening – Be sure to get your child tested for lead poisoning.
How to Help Your Crying Baby – Learn why your baby is crying and how to help.
Child Care Checklist for Parents – Looking for child care? Be sure to ask all the right questions.
Child Development – Ask your doctor about concerns with your child's development.
Importance of Reading – Read to your child every day to help them learn.
Why You Need to Do What Your Doctor Says – Follow doctor's orders to keep your child happy and healthy.
Emergency Room Visits – Most medical problems are not emergencies, so call your doctor first.
Resources – The best parent is an informed parent. Get more information here.
Care for Your Child's Teeth - How can you help your kids have a healthy smile? It all starts with good dental hygiene and a special tip from Dr. Nguyen.