Medicaid pays for medicine the doctor says your child needs (prescriptions). The doctor will write a prescription so you can take it to the drug store (pharmacy).  

Children who get their services through a Medicaid medical plan can go to any pharmacy in the plan’s network. Call your Medicaid medical plan or visit the plan website to see which pharmacies you can use. 

If your child does not have a Medicaid medical plan, you can use any pharmacy that accepts Medicaid. 

Pharmacy Finder

Find a Pharmacy that takes Medicaid

Note: If your child has a Medicaid medical plan, call the plan to see which of these pharmacies are in the plan’s network. You can get your child’s medicines at pharmacies that are in the medical plan’s network.


Does your child’s prescription need “pre-approval”?

Some medicine needs to be pre-approved before you can pick it up from the pharmacy. The pharmacist will need to get this pre-approval from your child’s doctor. If the pharmacist can’t reach your doctor right away, they should give you a 3-day supply until the doctor approves the medicine. 

Does your child need help getting medical supplies or equipment?

Call your child’s Medicaid medical plan to find a pharmacy that can help you get supplies or equipment. This can include:

  • Spacers for inhalers to treat asthma
  • Supplies for treatment of diabetes
  • Crutches

If your child does not have a Medicaid medical plan, call the Medicaid Help Line at 1-800-335-8957.