Other Services

Here is a list of other state benefit programs that are designed to help children and families.  

Medicaid Buy-in for Children

This program is for families who have a child with a disability, but earn too much money to get approved for Medicaid. Through this program, families can “buy-in” and get Medicaid coverage by making monthly payments.

To be in this program the child must:

  • Be age 18 or younger.
  • Not be married.
  • Meet the same rules for a disability that are used to get Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The child doesn’t have to get SSI.
  • Live in Texas.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or legal resident. 

The benefit period for this program is usually one year. Before the benefits are due to end, HHSC will send the parents (or the child’s guardian) an application they can fill out to renew coverage.

To learn more, visit the HHSC website. 

Help for Children with Disabilities or Delays in Growing or Learning

Children from birth to age 3 who have disabilities or delays in growing or learning can get special help. Call 1-800-628-5115 or visit Early Childhood Intervention Services on the web. 


The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children is better known as WIC. This is a nutrition program that helps pregnant women, new mothers, and young children eat well, learn about nutrition, and stay healthy. WIC provides nutrition education and counseling and nutritious foods. It also helps low-income women, infants, and children get health care. 

Texas Women’s Health Program

The Women’s Health Program provides some Medicaid services to women ages 18 to 44 who have low incomes. This program provides one year of coverage and can be renewed each year the woman qualifies. Benefits include a family planning exam, treatment of certain sexually transmitted diseases found during that exam, health screenings, and family planning services, including birth control.

To learn more, visit the Texas Women’s Health Program website.  

Breast and Cervical Cancer

Low-income women can get no-or-low-cost breast exams, mammograms, pelvic exams, and Pap tests.

To learn more about this program, visit the website of the Texas Department of State Health Services. 

Medicaid for Breast and Cervical Cancer

Women diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer who are approved for this program get access to cancer treatment through full Medicaid benefits.

To learn more about this program, visit the website of the Texas Department of State Health Services.