Mental Health & Addiction Problems

Your child can get the following services through Children’s Medicaid:

  • Testing for ongoing drug or alcohol problems.
  • Treatment for ongoing drug or alcohol problems, including:
    • Counseling.
    • Detoxification services (helping your child break addiction to drugs or alcohol).
    • Medication-assisted therapy (using medicine to help break addiction to drugs or alcohol).
  • Testing for mental health problems.
  • Counseling by psychiatrists, psychologists, family therapists and others.

Ask your doctor to help you find a provider who can give these kinds of services to your child. This can be a doctor, therapist, hospital, or local mental health center. 

If you live in the Dallas area and need help with mental health, or drug or alcohol problems, call NorthSTAR at 1-888-800-6799.

Youth Empowerment Services

If you live in Bexar, Tarrant, or Travis counties and your child has serious emotional problems, you might be able to get treatment and support through Youth Empowerment Services. Openings for these services are limited. Find your county below and call to see if your child can get these services.

If you live in Bexar County call the Center for Health Care Services at 210-731-1300 extension 259.

If you live in Tarrant County call Mental Health Mental Retardation of Tarrant County at 817-569-5600.

If you live in Travis County call Austin Travis County Integral Care at 512-804-3191.