How to Get a Ride

If you do not have a way to get to your child’s doctor or dentist visit or if you need help getting to the drug store to pick up your child’s prescription drug, Medicaid can help. Call one of the numbers below to learn more about Medicaid’s free ride service. 

Live in the Houston / Beaumont area? Call 1-855-687-4786.

Live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area? Call 1-855-687-3255.

Everyone else can call 1-877-633-8747 (1-877-MED-TRIP).

To get a ride, your child must have Medicaid or be in the Children with Special Health Care Needs program. You also must have no other way to get to the doctor or drug store.

Before you call for a ride you must have already set up a time to see the doctor or dentist. To get a ride:

  1. Call us at least 2 work days or more before you need a ride. If you will need to travel a long way out of town to see your child’s doctor, call us at least 5 work days before you need a ride. If you need a ride the same day you call us, we will do everything we can to help, but we can’t promise we will be able to get you a ride.

  2. Tell us your child’s Medicaid ID, Children with Special Health Care Needs program number, or your Social Security number.

  3. Tell us the address where we will pick you up. If there is a phone number at the place we are picking you up, we need that too.

  4. Tell us the name, address, and phone number of the doctor, dentist, or drug store where you need to go.

  5. Tell us the date and time of your doctor’s visit.

  6. Tell us if you or your children have any special needs so we can send the right type of vehicle. For example, for people who use a wheelchair, we can send a van with a wheelchair ramp.